Four Communications

Agency: DKMS

The pandemic has highlighted the generosity of Brits and their desire to help others. Yet just a month after the lockdown announcement in the UK, the number of stem cell donor registrations with blood cancer charity DKMS dropped by a staggering 50% compared to the same time the previous year - despite people still being able to safely register (an online only process). Four was tasked by DKMS to drive sign-ups to the stem cell donor register and reverse the rapid decline in donors.

DKMS wants to provide a matching blood stem cell donor to everyone in need by driving informed sign-ups to the DKMS UK blood stem cell donor register. Some of the people that DKMS support have been given just months to live if a donor isn't found. The pandemic has led to a drop in registrations and has meant fewer people are visiting the GP with cancer symptoms, and resulted in hospital appointments and treatments being postponed or cancelled. Due to this, DKMS expects a surge in blood cancer diagnoses and increased demand for blood stem cell donors when we are 'back to normal', making it all the more important that people register now.

Over the past year we have exceeded our KPIs by 807% - securing 864 pieces of coverage and driving over 25,500 registrations with DKMS and in excess of £30,000 in donations. We've beaten our KPI for national coverage by over 321%, securing 45 pieces in national titles and reversed the decline.