Dispose With Dignity

phs Group, Prostate Cancer UK and 'Cause

The Dispose With Dignity campaign, is a collaborative campaign between phs Group and Prostate Cancer UK, delivered by the agency ‘Cause and the Prostate Cancer UK team. It aims to highlight the experience of prostate cancer survivors following their life-saving treatment, create awareness of the issues faced, and instigate action to accommodate their needs.

One in eight men will get prostate cancer, rising to one in four for black men. For the circa 475,000 men living with or after prostate cancer in the UK, most will experience urinary incontinence as a side effect of treatment for the disease at some point. Many will experience it for the remainder of their lives, and yet this subject is rarely spoken about. Even more rare than awareness of the scale of the issue, are facilities for men to dispose of incontinence products in public, which we knew was leading to stress, shame, social isolation and poor mental health. Our over-arching objective was to improve the experience of prostate cancer survivors and any men experiencing urinary incontinence. Firstly – by delivering a campaign that felt authentic to those experiencing incontinence and begin a national conversation on the issue, and secondly by increasing the availability of male incontinence bins across the UK to help men on a practical level. We delivered the campaign with the support of and in consultation with prostate cancer survivors. As a result we surpassed the targets set, and executed a genuinely authentic, sensitive campaign which has provided insights for future collaboration.