Different Is Normal

Canesten / Brook

Agency: Canesten

Most women are embarrassed to talk about their intimate health issues. This becomes a problem if they're suffering in silence with perfectly treatable vaginal conditions and ultimately could lead to confusion and lack of action.

As the UK's leading women's intimate health brand, Canesten decided to confront the taboo head-on and educate and empower a generation of young women to feel confident, comfortable and informed about their bodies and intimate health.

Canesten established an ongoing partnership with Brook, a sexual health and wellbeing charity for under 25s and launched Different Is Normal.

The campaign provided an accessible online platform for young women to learn and celebrate vulva diversity and understand how to love and care for their own.

Together, Canesten and Brook developed the Love Your Vulva learning platform, providing open access to interactive digital tools and online educational resources for those searching online. This mobile-optimised learning platform featured four modules surrounding vulva education with relatable expert videos, a vulva anatomy game, quick-fire quizzes and an unique, interactive tool where users can create their own unique vulva illustrations.

Canesten took Love Your Vulva into universities, with a fresher's week educational toolkit and launched a paid social campaign that grew into an organic tag frenzy generating thousands of shares.

The campaign reached 85% of young women aged 16-24 helping educate them about their vulvas, breaking down the stigma and supporting a positive movement celebrating vulva diversity and the Canesten purpose to free women from shame and discomfort.