Dettol Protects the Frontline

Triple Eight

Agency: Dettol

The Dettol Protects the Frontline Programme, became South Africa's largest handwashing intervention in the country in 2020, directly reaching 18 million people and providing much-needed support to the public health sector in South Africa. The programme has been deemed a significant success in the fight against Coronavirus and has been adopted by governments, companies and healthcare stakeholders in 4 surrounding countries. The campaign was developed by impact agency Triple Eight, hygiene leader Dettol and the SA National Department of Health. Through the development of innovative Wash-N Well stations, the campaign was able to help educate patients on the correct techniques for handwashing in addition to becoming the basis of the safety protocols for improved hygiene at public clinics. The handwashing campaign is set to live well beyond Coronavirus and help provide protection and prevention education against many other hygiene-related diseases in Africa.