Dennis the Menace gets his first smartphone

Pitch Marketing Group

Client: EE

Imagine what would happen if you gave Dennis the Menace his first mobile phone. What havoc would he wreak with the online world at his fingertips? His parents would be quaking in their boots.

But online safety for kids with phones is an issue that lives beyond Beanotown. By age 11, 90% of children will have a mobile device, but their parents aren’t equipped to protect them, with over half admitting they wouldn’t survive the online world if they were a child today. That’s why EE decided to take action and help educate parents about the risks of the online world and how to keep their kids safe online - with a little help from master of mischief, Dennis the Menace. EE teamed up with Beano Studios to create a bespoke comic book of Dennis and his cousin Minnie Minx getting their first phones and everything that follows - the good, the bad and the ugly - as well as providing tips and advice for parents. The comic book was printed and brought to life as animated video content before being distributed to parents nationwide via a bespoke digital hub and integrated campaign over the 6-week summer holiday. The results? 433k parents learned the digital skills needed to keep their children safe online with 82% saying they better understood the issue and how to address it. This was achieved through 3.95m content views, 86 pieces of media coverage & 47.7 million total impressions for campaign content.