Create Not Hate

Quiet Storm

Create Not Hate is an initiative started by Trevor Robinson OBE, founder of Quiet Storm and one of just a handful of senior Black creatives in the advertising industry. It aims to increase diversity the creative industries by giving young people from under-represented groups the chance to work with industry mentors and create incredible work.

For participants, being a part of the Create Not Hate network builds them up, gives them meaningful opportunities and experiences. For our industry, Create Not Hate drives diversity, fresh thinking, and more impactful advertising.

Over eight weeks in the summer of 2020, Create Not Hate enlisted more than 100 young people, many of whom are most affected by racism, to co-create a powerful anti-racism campaign that would achieve a global reach. They also secured widespread support from the advertising industry in terms of mentors and resources.

The multimedia campaign called 'Check Your Prejudice' secured free media placements from Channel 4, Spotify, Time Out, Ocean Outdoor, the Financial Times and WeTransfer. It received a huge amount of news coverage and was shared far and wide on social media all over the world. This is a long-term sustainable project that continues to create meaningful paid work opportunities to participants.

Most importantly, CNH empowers young people. One 17-year-old participant said - Create Not Hate was the biggest opportunity of his life: "The work I came up with was seen by so many people, and so many people took exactly what I wanted them to from it."