CPB London

Inspired by the conversations we helped start around unconscious bias for IWD 2022, in April ‘22, we began to fully embed purpose into our offering. Our aim: to become an impactful creative agency of change.

We developed a purpose-fuelled creativity framework and invested in a dedicated Director of Purpose, to consult on all client briefs, and help ensure brands’ business objectives creatively connect with their purposeful missions and causes’ emotional drivers engage their target audiences to the max. In the last year, we have helped clients launch a new brand purpose, amplify an existing purpose, and launch new products under an umbrella purpose. We have also led the industry on the issue of female (mis)representation, sexism and misogyny via impactful creative campaigns, thought leadership, community building and events and launched a dedicated female-forward studio, WMN. Throughout all the above, we have ensured that our purpose-fuelled creativity has talk value: our purpose-led campaigns have been seen over 260 million times via online news sites in the last 12 months. Internally, we have increased employee retention, invested over 800 staff hours on pro-bono cause-related projects, achieved 50% female representation on the senior management team, introduced new policies around menopause and doubled parental leave. In the same period, we’re happy to say we’ve won 11 new clients, grown YoY by 28%, increased our profit margin by 53% and won recognition for our purpose-driven work from the Gerety Awards, the Burberry British Diversity Awards, Campaign’s AdNet Zero Awards and the Creative Circle Awards.