Bugün Var, Yarın Yok Olmasın (Eng: Exists Today, Let it Not Disappear Tomorrow)


Boyner, the pioneering brand of fashion retail in Türkiye, strives for the future of all living beings in the world, believing in the necessity of pursuing nature-friendly policies and adopting a philosophy of life at peace with nature.

Following this vision, Boyner joined hands with its business partner National Geographic. Both brands turned their attention to Kars Sarıkamış, where remarkable projects are developed for wildlife. The ecosystem in this region is considered one of the most crucial areas for natural life in Türkiye. According to the research of the KuzeyDoğa Society, the migration routes of wildlife animals have been changing considerably in recent years. Boyner and National Geographic, with the KuzeyDoğa Society, launched the ‘Exists Today, Let it not Disappear Tomorrow’ project in September 2022 aiming to follow the wildlife in Sarıkamış, providing them with a sustainable habitat and protecting nature. With the project, Boyner supported the scientific studies carried out to sustain the wildlife in Sarıkamış and the lives of the animals in that region. Since the beginning of the project, a lynx, a wolf and a grizzly bear were fitted with tracking devices and their lives were monitored. A special capsule collection was prepared in collaboration with National Geographic, and the proceeds from the sale were transferred to the work carried out by the KuzeyDoğa Society in Sarıkamış. To draw attention to the project, a short documentary was broadcast on National Geographic and NatGeo WILD screens. In total, more than 40M people were reached throughout the campaign.