Britain Get Talking


Agency: ITV

As Britain faced a mental health crisis, ITV worked with Mind, YoungMinds, SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and CALM to create three campaigns for the landmark mental health campaign, Britain Get Talking. Launched by Ant and Dec just before the first lockdown began, the first campaign drew on over 100 celebrities and on ITV viewer messages to encourage people to stay connected, with the message 'Apart but never alone.' The second campaign, around Mental Health Awareness Week, encouraged people to get in touch with the people who might not be expecting a call - because they might be the ones who need it most. And finally, in the face of huge demand for mental health helpline services, we interrupted the Britain's Got Talent final for an appeal for Help Our Helplines, generating over £1.4m for mental health helplines, including a significant grant from the UK government which was inspired by the campaign.

6.4 million people reached out as a result of Britain Get Talking. This level of impact was only possible as a result of collaboration not just between ITV, our charity partners and Uncommon Creative Studios, who made the campaign, but also across different areas of ITV itself, from Social Purpose and Marketing teams to create the campaigns, Daytime, News and Sport editorial teams to build it into programming and Interactive and Compliance who made the donation mechanisms possible, to name but a few. This was collaboration at a whole new scale.