TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg

Agency: Hype Magazine and TEARS Foundation

#BlameNoMore is a campaign initiated by Hype Magazine and the TEARS Foundation to challenge the culture of blaming victims of sexual violence for the crime they have suffered, and push people to hold the actual criminals accountable.

Rape has become such a common part of South African culture that people have accepted the crime and started blaming the victims.

Our campaign challenged the insanity of blaming a woman for her own rape and held a mirror up to a practice that essentially condones the crime. Through a film, which shows a woman physically and sexually assaulting herself. We took the worlds of blame that people use so casually and showed the reality of their meaning .

Influencers in hip-hop culture helped us drive the conversation and encourage people to reflect on the role they play. We called on people to support, protect and empower victims through turning social media into a safe space and through being better listeners.

The campaign's strength can be seen in the 240 million people who engaged with it, as well as how it was adopted by the South African government as its Women's Month initiative, and how it has led to discussions with the police and universities to include our content in their training and curriculums.