Last year, on International Women's Day 2020, a female-led team at AnalogFolk launched BigUp.AI - a digital language tool that seeks to rebalance the gender gap by giving women the means to understand the strengths they hold and express them with impact. The idea was born from the insight that women are four times more likely to shrink their successes (Forbes, 2019).

Powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology, BigUp.AI the AI is now in phase 2 of beta and can analyse full sentences of text. AnalogFolk are continuing to develop the tool so it can better help women recognise their authentic strengths as well as teaching the AI to read and enhance full paragraphs of text - with the ambition for BigUp.AI to become a go-to tool for women to power up their bios, CVs, cover letters, interviews and performance reviews.

A year on and BigUp.AI has had nearly 5000 strengths submitted and made a lasting impact on users. Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Rhiannon Blacklet points out, "One thing really impactful about the tool is that once you've used it you do become more continuously aware of the language you're using and are more conscious of the need to use more confident and assertive language." Alongside this BigUp.AI has been picked up by global press, praised by business leaders and recognised with a D&AD Future impact.

Bigup.AI reflects AnalogFolk's ambition to be an impactful agency of change for people, brands and society, in pursuit of a better world.