Beats by Dr. Dre - You Love Me


Agency: Beats by Dr. Dre

Founded in 2006, Beats by Dr. Dre quickly became the world's most popular headphones brand by partnering with celebrity endorsers. But by 2020, the brand's playbook needed to adapt to connect with Gen Z audiences, a majority of whom reported that the Black Lives Matter movement was hugely impactful to their worldview. It launched their You Love Me campaign to express the brand's response to a turbulent year marked by vociferous calls for greater equality, and honest reassessments in all areas of culture in how Black voices and Black people are valued. It also reinforced Beats' strong, authentic and defiant voice in social justice and youth culture, connecting with a community of individuals who felt a part of something bigger than themselves - all values highly prioritized by Gen Z.

The video became one of Beats most watched videos ever. In addition, the video also boasts the 4th highest average view duration, indicating that the video's engaging storytelling approach and the media strategy's targeting reached the right audiences. In fact, the view duration beat TrueView benchmarks by 27%. These metrics showed that the target audiences were responding positively to the video, and really listening to the truths shared by it.

Beyond the reach, views and brand awareness on YouTube, the campaign also drove hugely positive results in other ways. Viewers who saw our ads were more likely to have searched for the Beats brand, and a brand study showed significant lifts in recall and brand favorability among exposed audiences.