Aviva Community Fund Cost of Living Boost

krow.x agency

Client: Aviva

86% of the UK’s small charities are worried about the impact that rising living costs are having – not just on people who rely on their services but on potential supporters too. These are the causes that are integral to local communities – thousands of brilliant people working tirelessly to keep their communities together and make a difference where they live in the face of rapidly increasing demands, costs, and pressures.

The Aviva Cost of Living Boost campaign was launched as an offshoot of the existing Aviva Community Fund to tackle these pressures head-on. Aviva injected an additional £2m of funding to target cost of living related projects through match funding, doubling every £1 raised from every public donation, up to £250. We curated a campaign that represented the projects that most needed our support – from empowering elderly with digital literacy skills, to supporting people at risk of homelessness, or enabling more people to access food banks, and free financial advice. And using a mix of owned, earned, and paid channels we helped to maximise donations and support. Aviva employees could also donate a £50 voucher they were given to support a financial wellbeing project of their choice, and Aviva would double it to £100. The campaign was hugely popular with Aviva employees, with over 51% employee engagement and 8,000 employees donated their employee voucher. The full fund was distributed in the timeframe, raising a total of £3.3m across 276 Cost of Living Boost projects – to help those who needed it most.