Anti-Sexual Harassment


Client: National Rail

Unwanted sexual behaviour (USB) on the railways is a prevalent and extremely under-reported problem. Not only is it happening much more frequently than we’d think, it’s also common for people not to understand what constitutes unwanted sexual behaviour.

We needed to get all rail users to understand what USB is and why it’s so damaging, and to report it if they see it, through education and by reinforcing just how unacceptable it is. To do that we needed to lift the veil of misunderstanding and uncertainty - making it really clear, what it is and that it’s unacceptable. Behaviour change would be the result of a three step process: 1. Challenge We need to challenge perpetrators on their behaviour, and get them to stop immediately. 2. Educate a) Educate perpetrators that their actions are serious, damaging and criminal. b) Help bystanders and victims know how to recognise USB. 3. Drive Awareness Lastly, we need to ensure all rail users are aware of the issue, and know how to report incidents they witness or experience. We are proud to report that campaign sparked a huge conversation amongst friends, family and peers both at home and on social channels. USB was pulled into mainstream consciousness and as such we changed the trajectory of this experience, resetting public transport from a place where victim count was high to a place where USB is seen, understood and called out.