Pic PR

Agency: CHD Living

Pic PR and CHD Living's Adopt-a-Grandparent was a global PR campaign that achieved more than 1,200 pieces of press coverage across the UK and around the world.

Designed to pair isolated care residents suffering from loneliness with volunteers from across the globe, the campaign sought to create positive connections during the pandemic at a time when people needed them most. It looked to provide emotional support through meaningful relationships; be that intergenerational friendships, connecting with those with similar interests, or simply by interacting with someone new, while also introducing the wider world to those living in care, helping to showcase some of the many wonderful characters who live in care settings.

The resulting press coverage of the campaign saw more than 82,000 volunteers sign up to the scheme, from countries as diverse as Canada, Australia, the US, Germany, India, Thailand, Dubai and more, with even Hollywood actors signing up.

Following its success, active plans are in progress to implement Adopt-a-Grandparent as a fully-fledged charity; including the development of an app to facilitate, streamline and speed up the 'adoption' process, in a bid to combat loneliness on a larger scale, providing opportunity for care residents around the world to benefit from the service.