Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme

Greenhouse Communications

Client: National Grid ESO (plus wider stakeholder group of six UK distribution network operators)

To reach net zero by 2050, the UK must decarbonise its entire economy and evolve the electricity network to run on 100% renewable energy. Our electricity system is not currently prepared for this challenge.

The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) incentivised owners of energy generation to make small changes to their system that would collectively make the grid stronger, more resilient and ultimately enable more renewable energy to be connected. It was operated by National Grid ESO and all UK electricity network operators and it provided funding to cover the cost of the updates for generation owners. The programme ran on the principle that a lot of people making a small change has a big impact, with the goal of securing 25GW of updated electricity generation – just over 30% of all UK electricity generation. Greenhouse’s campaign to raised awareness of the programme, educated the disparate audiences about the funding and supported generation owners to make the necessary changes. The “Futureproof your power” campaign drove target audiences to a self-serve tool that provided users with a personalised guide to update their generation system, based on the type of generator they owned (wind/solar), size of the generator and its location. As a result of Futureproof your Power, 95% of the target audience made the changes needed and successfully embedded resilience across the electricity network. This will save National Grid ESO £65m per year in balancing costs and ultimately pave the way to connect more renewable energy.