A Global Plastics Treaty

Higginson Strategy

Plastic pollution is one of the world’s greatest environmental

challenges. But despite global consensus that plastic is bad for the planet, measures to curb its impact have failed to have the impact intended.

A unified and collaborative approach on a global scale is the only way we will push back against the plastic crisis. A Global

Plastics Treaty could change this by ensuring the world worked together to tackle the impact of plastic across its entire lifecycle.

A Global Plastics Treaty could inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap, but only if it is delivered right. Environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet tasked Higginson Strategy with making this vision a reality.

By building relationships with government officials to see the

UK drive a treaty forward, helping to form the Ocean Plastic

Leadership Network dialogues, and delivering a targeted media approach to apply pressure, Higginson and A Plastic

Planet created a powerful coalition of voices from the worlds of politics, industry, campaigning and academia all calling for a global treaty. As a result, following sustained pressure from Higginson and A Plastic Planet throughout a targeted campaign, on March 2nd, at

UNEA 5.2 in Nairobi, 175 UN members states agreed to a Global Plastic Treaty in a bid to tackle plastic pollution. It is being billed as the biggest climate deal since the 2015 Paris accord.