89up is the global agency for non-profits. We campaign for great causes, build technology, develop strategies to tackle complex problems and inspire action. The idea for 89up came when our founder was in Belarus at the funeral of a murdered dissident and discovered that Bell Pottinger was working for the dictatorial government. Autocratic governments and corporations could buy expert comms advice: it was time for NGOs and civil society to have an agency on their side with best in class talent and cutting-edge strategies and technologies.

Over nine years, we’ve grown to a team of 40 people. Our Advocacy, Insights and Mobilisation team delivers data driven insights for impactful strategies to mobilise audiences; our Labs team builds innovative websites and bespoke advocacy tools to engage consumers and decision-makers; our Studio team crafts beautiful content from podcasts to animations; and our PR team makes sure our campaigns make the headlines. With so much at stake - from freeing political prisoners to tackling the climate crisis - we bring our ‘A’ game to every campaign.