YouTube X The Wildlife Trusts

Don't Panic London and The Fifth

YouTube Originals created a new show, Seat at the Table, where climate activist and creator, Jack Harries, speaks to young climate change heroes about their ideas for a more sustainable future.

Change requires different thinking - so to promote the show, we decided to turn the media plan on its head. We took the media budget usually reserved for a prominent billboard, and instead partnered with The Wildlife Trusts to buy arable land that had been so over-farmed that nothing could grow there.

We then created a world first: a giant poster made out of seed paper. This giant poster kick started an ambitious rewilding process that will see plant and animal life return to the British countryside. Long after the final view of the YouTube Originals show online, the advertising for it will still be doing good for the world, as the land will be looked after for decades to come by The Wildlife Trusts.