We Salute You


A young male driver aged 17-24 is four times more likely to be killed or injured on the road due to dangerous driving.

They overcompensate for their inexperience, which gets worse when with their mates, by driving faster, taking risks, even being complacent about the driving conditions and situations – pretending that they’re better drivers than they really are. Many believe their friends are comfortable with their ‘functionally reckless’ driving and those mates respect them for it. In fact, the opposite is true.

THINK! needed to empower young men to set a new good driving ‘standard’ for themselves, and their mates, by challenging the outdated masculine norms they have on their driving. And, to enable these young drivers to establish a new positive conversation and driving culture around being a ‘Good Driver’, based on following the rules of the road.

It was a challenge they couldn’t face alone, so knowing that football was a key passion point for our audience they partnered with the County Football Association to create a campaign routed in saluting positive driving behaviours - We Salute You.

The campaign used a mix of collaborative partnerships, co-created content, PR and influencers to reach over 19 million people.

Crucially, over half of young men who recognised the campaign took action as a result, just under two in five changed their own behaviour in some way and one in four did something to minimise mobile phone distractions, alongside an increase in the perceived unacceptability of using mobiles at the wheel.