Transport for All


Executive summary

A flourishing public transport system is at the heart of any city’s ability to create an inclusive future. By providing equality of opportunity and access: low-cost and accessible travel enables more citizens to take part in the economic, cultural and educational benefits of city life. Sustainably-powered public transport also reduces emissions and tackles poor air quality, which disproportionately affects those living in deprived areas.

During the toughest conditions we’ve ever faced, with lockdown creating a huge hit to revenue, at Transport for London we have worked even harder to live up to our inclusive principles, making public transport and active travel more accessible and attractive for all Londoners.

We’ve structured our marketing communications process from start to finish around understanding and representing all Londoners, building diversity and inclusion principles deep into our own ways of working, from insight generation to creative and media implementation to measurement.

Our drive to make TfL more welcoming and accessible to all Londoners has been highly effective. Despite the challenges of COVID and lockdowns, we are seeing a strong return to pre-lockdown journey numbers among our DAI audiences, as improved perceptions of customer experience and brand translate into real customer behaviour.

We have challenged ourselves to do better and to set a new standard, before asking others - including staff and customers - to come with us on a hopeful journey to a more inclusive London.