The World Is Looking To You COP26


Frustrated by the lack of action on the Climate Crisis from previous COPs, and keen to ensure COP26 resulted in real commitments, Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF) made a bold move. QCF purchased major outdoor media spaces – in Glasgow and at major transport hubs throughout the UK – from airports to train stations. This act effectively blocked other advertisers from ‘green-washing’ during the period of the conference. We were tasked to fill those spaces.

Featuring real people on the frontline of the climate crisis around the world, our campaign 'The World is Looking to You, COP 26' directly targeted global leaders and delegates at COP26, encouraging them to take significant action. The message was simple: urgent action needs to be taken and we are all watching.

When media space landlords essentially censored and rejected the original artwork, deeming it too 'political' and too 'threatening', we had to quickly pivot our creative. We cropped into the faces of our subjects and used QR codes linked to immersive 360 panoramas and videos. We dubbed this new version of AR - Alarming Reality.