The Right to Feel Good

WPP/The Pharm

As part of Boots UK’s ongoing commitment to its partnership with The Hygiene Bank, we launched the Right to Feel Good campaign to raise awareness and tackle the issue of hygiene poverty amongst school children in the UK, at a time when they were about to return to school after the summer holiday.

Central to the campaign was research that was conducted with teachers that revealed the severity of the issue within children. These insights helped form an integrated earned and paid media strategy that captured the hearts and minds and became a national talking point. The campaign was fronted by Alexandra Burke, who helped deliver emotive messages that had been crafted from the research and were distributed to a variety of different audiences through a mixture of media channels.

The campaign was a huge success reaching nearly 50 million people and more importantly, it drove consumers to act, with the number of hygiene products donated in Boots UK stores increasing by 51%, with over 2900kg of products donated in first month. It also delivered against the key objective of raising awareness about the issue with 93% of people stating they were more likely to know what hygiene poverty is and with 71% of people taking further action as a result of seeing the campaign.