The Naked Threat campaign


Agency: Refuge

When we learned that 1 in 7 young women in this country lived with the fear of receiving threats to share their intimate images or films, Refuge set to work building a campaign 'The Naked Threat' to call for these threats to share to be made a crime. We developed a campaign which: engaged cross party political support; identified the Domestic Abuse Bill as the legislative vehicle for change; sourced powerful quantitative data and qualitative insights; mobilised our supporter base to take action; enlisted (pro bono) creative agency AMV BBDO to run two high visibility media disruptive moments; sourced celebrity influencers, ambassadors, and brave survivors who shared their experiences. worked with other experts in our field; secured high profile earned media as well as creating content for our owned channels. We utilised all the tools in the campaigns toolbox and delivered a campaign which was dialled up and down to coincide with critical Bill hearings and announcements. We urged the Home Secretary and Justice Minister to hear our call and change the law. Our creativity, tenacity and hard work in building a strategic and timely advocacy campaign achieved its aim; in March 2021 the government agreed to make threats to share intimate images a crime in the Domestic Abuse Bill. When the Bill becomes law and is enforceable we will, in just a few months, have secured a change which will protect the lives of countless women who experience this form of ever-growing pernicious domestic abuse.