The Endangered Aisle


Client: The Fairtrade Foundation

To build visibility and understanding of The Fairtrade Foundation’s role in supporting farmers address the climate crisis and safeguarding the future of our food, Alfred launched The Endangered Aisle Campaign.

Farming is becoming a more unstable profession due to rising costs, volatile coffee prices and deepening climate crisis. We undertook research to understand the size of the issue - a Commodities Vulnerability Assessment and UK consumer research. Both highlighted the items at risk of becoming ‘endangered’ – coffee, cocoa, bananas – and the impact this may have. We needed to show the problem alongside the solution which is how The Endangered Aisle was born. A pop-up retail concept highlighting the urgent need to protect our favourite foods from climate change and give a fair deal to farmers. Stark empty shelves showcased a look into the future if we don’t act now with signage confirming ‘everything must NOT go’. The other side of the aisle showed the solution; shelves filled full of possibilities from coffee to peanut butter and kombucha. The immersive event brought retailers together to showcase the diverse range of Fairtrade products on the market and reiterate that together, we can make a difference. Our campaign reached almost a fifth of the UK population (17%) and as a result of seeing the campaign video, 73% believe that choosing Fairtrade products can help protect the future of our food. 69% of people who came across the campaign would definitely or be more likely to switch to Fairtrade products in the future.