Envision Racing

Single-use plastic accounts for approximately 50% of the world’s plastic waste problem. The effects of single-use plastic on the environment are not only unsightly but can also be devastating to wildlife and ecosystems, with only around 9% entering the recycling process.

This problem led to Envision Racing launching a partnership with Kids Against Plastic (a campaign group founded by sisters Amy and Ella Meek) to educate young people about recycling and the positive difference it can make to the environment.

The idea was to use thought-provoking art by creating a lifesize replica of a Formula E racing car out of single-use plastic, which was to be collected at school litter picks across the UK, and primarily in Glasgow, home to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (AKA COP26) in 2021.

To reward the work of the local school children in Glasgow and to build on the team’s partnership with UK Government, we planned to unveil our ‘Recover-E’ car to world leaders who had travelled to Scotland, alongside tens of thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens to tackle key environmental issues.

After giving the school children an exclusive first look at Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow, the ‘Recover-E’ car quickly became a symbol of COP26 as it was exhibited during the World Leader’s Summit in front of some of the planet’s most powerful people, including the likes of Boris Johnson, Bill Gates and the Duke of Cambridge.

Resulting in one of the proudest podiums in the team’s history.