Patent Pledge

Electronic Arts

There is nothing quite like the magic of video games. They have the ability to transport us to another place, another time or another world altogether. At Electronic Arts, our mission is to inspire the world to play. To live up to that mission we believe in creating games that can inspire and be enjoyed by all in equal measure. That means making sure everyone feels seen, heard and catered for in our games.

This simple vision for the future of video games was the motivation behind the business’ Patent Pledge in August 2021. The Patents Pledge marked an industry-first commitment to provide open access to EA’s patents on accessibility-centered technology meaning developers and competitors have the freedom to use some of our most innovative accessibility technology within their own games.

The campaign engaged industry, policymakers and the general public to raise awareness about the life-changing technologies Electronic Arts uses to make its games more inclusive. Paving the way for collaboration over competition to drive meaningful industry change. The campaign generated 229 pieces of coverage across Europe, reaching more than 545 million readers in 18 different countries.