#LindaFam (Protect your family)

Shujaaz Inc

#LindaFam: Activating 4,500+ micro-influencers to build confidence and uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine among 9.2m young East Africans

Run by Nairobi-based Shujaaz Inc, Shujaaz is a multimedia platform that uses the power of storytelling to drive positive social and behavioural change. Reaching 9.2m 15-24 year olds across Kenya and Tanzania, Shujaaz is East Africa’s biggest youth brand.

When COVID-19 broke-out in March 2020, we recognised the unique role that a trusted brand such as Shujaaz could play in engaging young East Africans to combat the virus. We rapidly launched #LindaFam (Protect Your Family), a high-impact multimedia campaign encouraging vital COVID-19 health behaviours.

In March 2021, the regional COVID-19 context shifted as Kenya began its national vaccination campaign. However, young people - the majority of the population - were at real risk of missing out: after a year of enduring the pandemic and its restrictions, young people’s trust in government was falling, fake news was on the rise, and adherence to official COVID-19 health behaviours had reached a low.

In response to this concerning trend, in April 2021 we launched #LindaFam Part 2, an ambitious digital, analogue and grassroots campaign that activated 4500+ Shujaaz ‘SuperFans’ as youth micro-influencers, amplifying our norm-changing multimedia to build confidence and uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine across Kenya and Tanzania.

Together, we achieved impact at scale. #LindaFam reached over 18m young East Africans online, and sparked life-saving behaviour change: by February 2022, 85% of young Kenyans surveyed said they would recommend the vaccine to their community.