Letter from Santa

GOOD Agency and JAA

Children with vision impairment can feel isolated, particularly at Christmas, as they don’t always get to experience the magic of the festive season like their friends do. RNIB’s Letters from Santa campaign helps more children feel part of the festivities, while championing inclusion across the country.

Led by a confident and charming 12-year-old, Keira, this year our innovative campaign exceeded all targets. It delivered accessible Letters from Santa to one in four children in the UK with vision impairment, exceeding the target by 9 per cent. It beat the targeted number of donors by 72 per cent. And it reached millions through innovations in PR, TV and technology.

GOOD and JAA created the first-ever braille national newspaper cover in the UK, in partnership with Metro UK – putting fully-sighted readers in the shoes of someone with visual impairment. We also came up with a unique TV ident in partnership with ITV, where Keira cheekily interrupted the continuity announcer – another first. And we worked with Amazon to create a special command for Alexa, meaning blind and partially sighted people could ask the device to read their Letter from Santa.

RNIB wanted to bring the need for accessible communication to a broader, national audience so it can help more children with vision impairment enjoy an accessible and inclusive Christmas. Driven by authentic storytelling, creativity and innovation, the campaign achieved that – and much more.