LADBible x Capita, The Army: A Solider Is A Solider

Lad Bible Group

Modern warfare demands skills that come with a more diverse makeup. The British Army's future depended on diversifying its workforce, but a huge talent pool – women – didn’t see the Army as an employer for them. In fact, ¾ of women thought they wouldn’t fit in there.

From social to stock libraries to the Army’s own website, the internet was filled with images of male soldiers – 99% of Google image results for ‘British soldier’ were pictures of men. Meaning women weren’t seeing themselves reflected when they searched Army roles.

Our mission was clear: to change the image of the Army, we had to hack the internet.   

We took photos of real female soldiers representing diverse roles and, overcoming the Google algorithm, flooded the internet with them – so women saw people like them when considering the Army as a career.

Our images infiltrated the Army’s channels, Instagram and stock libraries, while social video content mapped our journey and took a deeper dive into our female soldiers’ roles. Inspired, more women in the Army began sharing their own photos to Instagram too.   Our movement saw a 58% uplift in positive consideration of the Army as a career choice. 60% took action after seeing our campaign, like visiting the British Army website. 6% even said they planned to sign up for the Army as a result.

And, best of all, our photos made it to the first page of Google – paving the way for future female soldier representation.