Joy from Africa to the World

V&A Waterfront, The Friday Street Club, Corporate Image and Platform Creative

Two years ago, the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town questioned its approach to the festive season with a view to challenge age-old narratives. Why focus on Euro-centric concepts, like Santa Clause, and snow, and fir trees, and a world that did not look like ours? Why not an African Christmas that benefits local communities?

Africa’s most visited destination set about reimagining a festive season that would celebrate its African roots. The strategy was to celebrate with purpose and meaning, telling authentic African stories and inspiring joy. It also focused on using less imported decorations that got thrown away, and instead, support local, reuse and recycle.

At the end of 2021, when South Africa was put on the UK’s travel red list, this purpose become even more pertinent. It was now also important to support local businesses impacted by the tourism drop-off; tell a story of a joyful and positive Africa to the global community; and give locals pride in their own heritage.

The result was ‘Joy from Africa to the World’, an approach that heroes local design and sustainability, supports local crafters and businesses, and inspires other businesses to do the same.