Many taboos have been lifted since Canesten came onto Brazilian market 50 years ago. But openly discussing the topic of vaginal health isn’t one of them.

With this in-mind, Canesten challenged us to create and roll out a new global brand purpose: to help people set themselves free from the shame and discomfort caused by intimate infections. Our challenge? Firmly establish this mindset within the next generation of first-time sufferers in Brazil, our pilot market - to make positive, meaningful change.

As the key to eradicating shame is better education, we turned vital knowledge about vaginal health into entertaining lessons that spoke to our audience on their level, in a place that they felt comfortable – TikTok.

Welcome to Intensivao da PPK (or Vagina High), our shame-free digital school that’s giving young people a vaginal health education that they’re not getting anywhere else.

The digital school offers 28 interactive lessons delivered by well-known influencers and experts with specialist knowledge in vaginas, psychology and body positivity, as well as a group of ‘students’ to further amplify our reach and relevance on the platform

Since opening its virtual doors at the start of 2021, the school has enrolled 210K students in the channel’s curriculum, with the lessons racking up 43 million video views.

Now live in Italy, the educational programme will soon be rolled out in Australia and the UK, via several social media platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram & YouTube.