Great Big Green Week

MHP Mischief

This creative media campaign by MHP Mischief on behalf of The Climate Coalition, raised awareness around Great Big Green Week and the climate agenda among target audience groups.

By focusing not on conventional environmental storytelling, but on other areas of culture - such as sport, property, health and art - the campaign secured 906 pieces of media coverage.

MHP Mischief installed a drowning house in the lake of a National Trust property to symbolise the number of homes that are ‘practically unsellable’ due to growing floodplains. The campaign logo – a giant green heart – was beamed onto the cliffs at Lulworth Cove to highlight public love for British nature spots. BT Sport presenters and pundits including Glenn Hoddle and Robbie Savage wore ‘The Fight That Unites’ pin badges and talked about the campaign on air. And Wembley Arch was lit up green during Great Big Green Week in September 2021. All achievements secured free of charge.

Research conducted after the event showed perceptions among target audiences that climate change is an issue ‘everyone cares about’ increased by +14% and their propensity to take ‘positive action on climate change’ also went up by +17%.