Giffgaff Gives Back

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Agency: Giffgaff

We successfully harnessed Giffgaff's challenger spirit to highlight the nation's growing environmental problem with e-waste and changed behaviour towards a sustainable, circular economy for handsets.

94% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone. Most keep at least two unused at home.

There are 55 million phones sat in our homes doing nothing, equating to over 4,125 tons of our earth's finite resources left sitting in homes that could be recycled. Most people lack awareness of the growing environmental cost.

Our strategy to 'build back better' meant re-connecting with the core values at the heart of the brand's DNA: challenge the established way; harness the power of people; improve it.

Black Friday would be the moment to challenge the status quo and our 'Giffgaff gives back', campign tackled the issue of e-waste at the most consumerist moment of the year.

We raised awareness through a partnership with LADbible and rallied people to 'Check Your Drawers', reaching 15.5m people. 50% (or 7.75m people) of people who saw the content claimed to be more motivated to recycle their old phone.

We enabled people to give back via Good-Loop's purpose-powered platform and unlocked charitable donations in return for audience watch-time.

We changed consumer behaviour towards a circular economy for handsets. 1,220 'dead' handsets were given new life and re-circulated via the 'Check Your Drawers' hub. The environmental equivalent to preventing an estimated 8.4t of gold from being mined and 73.2t of carbon emissions saved.