Everyone.connected - How Vodafone is helping create a digitally inclusive society.

Carat UK, Ogilvy and Vodafone

Over 1.5m households (6% of the population) in the UK have no access to the internet. Yet, alarmingly, one-in-five Brits were unaware of the issue. Digital access and skills are essential to enable people to participate fully in an increasingly digital society, and digital exclusion is inextricably linked to wider inequalities in society. Tackling the digital divide is crucial to addressing social and economic inequalities and ‘levelling up’ every community.

In 2021 Vodafone launched everyone.connected, a mission to close the digital divide. We placed the initiative at the heart of our business and pledged to connect one million people by the end of 2022.

Via the everyone.connected initiative Vodafone is providing free connectivity via SIM cards loaded with free data calls and texts and working with UK charities to get them into the hands of those that need it most, as well as driving awareness and understanding of the cause via a multimedia campaign.

To date, Vodafone has provided free connectivity to 250,000 via everyone.connected and are on track to reach our target of 1m people by the end of 2022.