Eating the Earth (Wildlife Campaign)


2022 was to be a landmark year for Viva! we hired a full-time environmental campaigner to spearhead Viva!’s commitment to achieving our objective, to show the correlation between how eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs is the number one driver of wildlife loss and ultimately, humanity’s future survival.

The public response to this campaign has been extremely positive, resonating with vegan audiences, parents, and wildlife enthusiasts. On social media our animation video has garnered many notable shares including: •Chris Packham (519k followers on Facebook, 586k followers on Instagram, 598.8k followers on Twitter) •Plant Based News (1.2M) •VegFest (41k followers Facebook) •Veganuary (88.7k Twitter) •LyliaRose (56k followers on Twitter) •Plant Based Treaty (50.3k on Instagram, 4.8k on Twitter) •Vegan Camp Out (74.4k on Instagram) •Vegan Land Movement (3.7k on Twitter) We also deployed a number of joined up marketing initiatives from hosting a pop-up restaurant event, hitting the streets in six cities to talk face to face with the public, securing more than 90 pieces of coverage across the press, utilising influencer marketing, email, social and more! The positive response from the public was overwhelming, in town squares around the country, at food festivals, outside restaurants and from our own dining room tables, Viva! supporters rallied together taking action to save wildlife while putting an end to animal suffering. Viva! is the first organisation to create a campaign animation that calls on people to go vegan to save wildlife!