Dove Reverse Selfie


The pressures of social media and selfie culture is damaging girls’ self-esteem with 85% of UK females admitting to using a photo-retouching app before the age of 13. More screen time during the pandemic has only made the problem worse. In response to this crisis, BCW delivered Dove’s Reserve Selfie PR Campaign in the UK, leveraging emotive and compelling original content created by WPP partner Ogilvy, to smash all targets, successfully engaging parents, caregivers and young people. The campaign breathed new life into an ongoing crisis and gave the target audience the tools and confidence to protect themselves and each other.

The Dove ‘Reserve Selfie’ campaign dramatized both the pressure of social media and the impact of digital distortion on young girls’ self-esteem. Compelling original content was supported by in-depth media briefings, headlining grabbing consumer insights, and the use of influencers, which moved 34,700 consumers to engage with Dove’s dedicated website on launch day alone, culminating in a 100% week-on-week visitor increase to the Dove Self Esteem Project page.