Did you see it coming?

Surrey Police

Unless directly affected by Child Exploitation, many people may question what the topic has got to do with them. In isolation, warning signs aren’t always obvious or feel concerning enough to act on, meaning that it can go on beneath the radar. But hotel workers, taxi drivers, parents and schools (or indeed anyone that steps foot out into public) are among some of the key audiences who have a heightened opportunity to spot the warning signs of Child Exploitation – if they know what to look for.

Our campaign needed to engage with a vast audience, yet with a concept that would resonate with each individual. We created a campaign to challenge and educate the community with specific warning signs that we hid in plain sight. Creatively adapting current viral video concepts to suit our own message, the campaign drew in millions of people who were surprised when the video took a dramatic twist. Created in-house and for a small production budget of less than £3k, the campaign has overwhelmingly delivered against the objectives that will contribute to the safeguarding of exploited children.