COVID Vaccinations


April brought fresh hope for lockdown weary UK citizens: Covid vaccines finally hit the mainstream.

The watershed moment had arrived: we needed to get 54million adults vaccinated as quickly as possible: Each with their own beliefs, covid risk perception, views on medicine, cultural backgrounds, and geographical challenges. This was a mammoth task, but also a vital and urgent one: our freedom, economy and lives were at stake.

Our comms strategy was to create a truly flexible, bespoke approach based on continuously updated real-time audience segmentation.

Context had never been so important; public opinion and therefore reaction to our comms changed daily. Barriers including safety concerns, lower perceived covid risk, emerging variants, and news coverage all greatly affected the messaging needed to drive vaccine take up.

The results were incredible: 138M doses were administered in 12 months, 90% of over 12’s have had one dose, 84% of over 12’s have had both vaccines and 63% have been boosted. Consistent levels of vaccine take up were seen across the board.