CoppaFeel! - Know Yourself


CoppaFeel! exists to give all young people the best chance of surviving breast cancer, by ensuring that every case is diagnosed early and correctly. Critical to that is knowing it could happen. We wanted young people of all genders and ethnicities to know their own bodies better than anybody else. Because knowing your body and your “normal” is essential in giving young people the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.

And yet, there was another enormous barrier to that- body shame. We took the decision to put body positivity at the top of our agenda. This campaign had to be a celebration of inclusivity and body positivity, because loving your body means you are more likely to notice changes, and act on them.

Our campaign thought was: “Breast cancer can affect any body. Knowing yours could save your life.” The film is a deeply human celebration of self-knowledge and physical individuality.

The intention for radio was to create rousing ‘call-to-arms’ style spots, encouraging listeners to get to know themselves better. The idea was to normalise self-exploration, celebrate knowing yourself and reiterate why it’s so important. In print and outdoor, the human body is presented as a landscape to be explored by overlaying geographical contour lines across intimate close-up photography.

Results show that our campaign is driving greater body positivity and an increase in 18-24’s being aware that breast cancer could affect them.