BT Big Sofa Summit

Pitch Marketing Group

Setting the Scene

BT connects millions of people, homes, businesses, towns and cities, shaping and enabling how we all live, work and move. BT’s ambition is to use that unique position for good and to become a catalyst for a smarter, greener future.

2021 was the year of COP26 which provided BT with the platform to engage the public with its environmental commitment, and to simultaneously inspire and motivate people across the nation to become environmental ambassadors in alliance with BT. Many of these people were already acutely aware of the crisis and feeling a weighty responsibility to get involved somehow.

However, there was a tendency for people to feel overwhelmed by the global scale of the problem, with many saying that they didn’t know where to begin with changing their behaviour. Or worse, that the problem was so big that it was simply out of their hands.