Britain Get Talking


ITV’s Britain Get Talking campaign has focused on getting the nation to talk more, because the more we talk the better it is for our mental health. In 2021 the pandemic had left its mark on the mental health of millions of people, and we realised we needed to do something more.

We shifted our focus from encouraging more conversations to encouraging better conversations. We wanted people to have real conversations, share what they were going through and take the time to listen to others.

It was important that this campaign came across in the right way: we didn’t want to be lecturing people on what they should say, or how they should listen. As such we developed ideas that addressed the issue in entertaining, fresh and surprising ways.

We put a text message interview with Mo Farah in the middle of one of our biggest shows, we created the first ever chat show about how to chat, we showed celebrities talking about themselves to highlight the importance of listening. We even created chocolate ears to give as Christmas gifts.

On a relatively small budget these new and original approaches cut through to the British public, raising understanding of the issue, and prompting better conversations. We estimate that in combination our campaigns prompted 3.5 million people to have a better conversation with a friend or family member.