Bravery in Ukraine


Client: Ukraine Embassy to the UK

When the Ukraine Embassy to the UK asked Brandfuel to help organise its Bravery in Ukraine fundraiser in early April 2022, there was no way we could refuse. More than seven million people had been forced to leave Ukraine since war broke out in February, with another eight million displaced or fighting for their homeland.

Our objectives were simple: to raise money and awareness of Ukraine’s plight. What started as a “small fundraising reception” rapidly became a two-floor takeover of Tate Modern with drinks for 400 guests, seven immersive art installations, a live auction, two VIP speeches, and performances by world-renowned musicians. The Brave in Ukraine campaign put together by the Kyiv-based Banda agency covers the incredible stories of the country’s people, highlighting their dignity, hope, resilience and strength. The agency’s artwork informed Brandfuel’s designs for Bravery in Ukraine and inspired the narrative journey we created for the embassy’s guests. This collaboration created an authenticity that was essential if the fundraiser was going to hit its mark. In fact, there were many emotional touchpoints on the night - from listening to President Zelensky speak amid the evident disruption of a warzone, to the poignancy of the seven installations, and the drama of the auction hosted by the only Ukrainian auctioneer in London. The run-up to this fundraiser was challenging and frustrating, but its impact was clear. For Brandfuel, it was humbling to realise that our work could at least help to make some difference in such a grave humanitarian crisis.