Bihar, choosing tomorrow


Bihar is a clear example of an unconventional communication strategy to start a social and media conversation about a persistent concern in society, especially among the youngest: climate change and the future of society.

As data shows, 75% of young people think the future is horrifying and 56% of them think the world is condemned. This thinking has provoked a feeling of defeatism and the false belief that making sustainable decisions in our day-to-day is useless.

As a foundation committed to preserving and optimizing the welfare state in Bizkaia, BBK felt the need to wake up this numbed society, materializing how our daily decisions may determine how our society will ultimately look like in the near future.

To do it we did the one thing that will ignite social debate: we installed a living sculpture of a girl in the Bizkaia estuary,in collaboration with the Mexican hyperrealist artist Ruben Orcozo. The piece was designed to pop up and disappear as the tide floods and recedes. This is the way it materializes how the decisions that we make today will impact whether we drown or rise in the future.

With the world's attention on the sculpture, we revealed that the piece was the teaser of a short film, Bihar - that means tomorrow in basque- that portrays how our daily decisions impact our future using the foresight doctrine in order to build up a futuristic story based on believable and likely scenarios.