Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio

Since the beginning (1997), Bambino Mio have strived to raise awareness of the many benefits that reusable nappies have on our environment, finances and baby’s health, by educating consumers, retailers, governments and policy makers around the world.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we’re focused on our mission to make reusable nappies the first choice for parents because single-use “disposable” nappies are an environmental disaster, consuming vast quantities of raw materials, whilst generating huge amounts of carbon emissions during their lifecycle.

We want to reduce the environmental impact associated with nappy usage worldwide by promoting reusable nappies as part of a shift to a truly circular economy.

In the UK alone, we throw away almost 4 billion a year and it’s the equivalent to throwing away 17 plastic bags every day for every child in nappies. We are also facing a huge cost of living crisis which can be offset by reusables – parents can save around £1,500 when choosing reusable nappies and even more because reusables can be used on subsequent children. Single-use nappies also waste tax payers, local councils and government’s money to deal with the waste.

Bambino Mio has not only grown the brand, we’ve driven growth of the reusable nappy category as a whole and not just in the UK, but in numerous markets around the world, whilst contributing to good causes. In doing so, we’re helping to heavily reduce single-use plastic waste and create a better environment for future generations.