1 Million Minutes

ITV, Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain’s 1 Million Minutes campaign to end loneliness was the most successful campaign to date, smashing all previous records when it returned for its sixth outing last December.

The campaign was simple, calling on the public to pledge time rather than money and connect them directly, via the website, with charities looking for volunteers to help those feeling alone and isolated.

Prior to 2021, the campaign had raised a total 248 million minutes of volunteering time. Last year it raised a further 166 million minutes, more than doubling the previous record for a single campaign.

The core focus was to drive audiences to the website to pledge their time. This was achieved focussing on three main mediums.

Firstly, the campaign featured on television, appearing regularly on Good Morning Britain with celebrity endorsement, human interest, direct calls to action (including a QR code) and was also supported by advertising across the ITV network.

Online, as well as the website, it had a presence on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. It also capitalised on celebrity and influencer endorsements here too.

Finally, the campaign had its first physical presence with celebrity designed Listening Benches dotted around the country as well as hundreds of Chatter and Natter tables in cafes and supermarkets across the UK.

This campaign is outstanding for the simplicity and effectiveness, its enormous measurable impact, as well as the creative and effective use of mixed media and physical spaces.