Here's why you should enter the Purpose Awards


All winners will feature on the Campaign, PRWeek and Third Sector websites which receives 2.1m unique users combined.

Best in Class

Prove that you are the best. Celebrating the strengths in your campaigns and showcasing exceptional work, not only strengthens your organisation, but develops the industry as a whole. 


A Purpose Award not only recognises work that has delivered measurable business returns, it also rewards campaigns that have shown positive cause or progressive movement at it's centre. 


A winning client is a happy client who’s likely to stay with you for longer. It provides a platform for future business to promote your organisation and talent and gives you an opportunity to benchmark your work against your peers.


With entries judged by some of the leading minds within the PR, advertising and charity sectors, winning a Purpose Awards is the most prestigious recognition an organisation or individual can receive.


Being shortlisted alone puts big smiles on people's faces. Good work always requires hard work, and entering will let your employees know you recognise and value those efforts. It brings together and motivates the team to encourage creative and innovative thinking.

Agencies to acquire new local, international and global clients.

Brands to strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

Charities to raise their profile, and enhance their credentials as an attractive partner for potential corporate development initiatives.

Public sector bodies to demonstrate the value of their campaigns and the PR/Marketing function to their organisation.