Julia Lynch

Founding Director, Global Girl Project
Over the past twenty years, Julia Lynch has worked as a Community Social Worker and Therapist in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. In addition, Julia has worked on a volunteer basis both in Tanzania and Jamaica providing community and health services to local at-risk communities. Julia has also traveled extensively throughout many developing nations and is now marrying both her travel and professional experiences by providing international community development opportunities in undeserved and at-risk communities throughout the world. As the Founder of GGP, Julia is the innovative developer of all of our programming. Julia works in partnership with NGOs and schools globally to implement and run leadership programs and initiatives for girls. Julia not only works directly with our scholars, both online and in Nepal, but also runs the day-t0-day operations of GGP from the United Kingdom. And as a role model to our scholars, Julia speaks to businesses and organisations globally about how to be a change-maker in ones own life, world and work.