How to win a Purpose Award

Top tips to entering

Use results

Judges will be looking for campaigns that have met the goals they were set out to achieve. This can be demonstrated in a number of ways but simple facts and figures often tell the story best. Qualitative feedback and responses are also important when applicable – so, if space permits, quote your audience as this can make the entry more compelling.


The judges are experts in their field but may not have intimate knowledge of the particular campaign or cause. Think of your entry as your elevator pitch to a new investor - make them understand why this campaign is important to the cause, but not necessarily the minutiae behind it.

Use video footage

The use of video gives you the chance to bring your entry to life and give the judges something different to see than still documents and images. The video doesn’t need to be of high quality or take up extra time, you could upload a fundraising video or do an interview with the team behind the campaign - let them tell the story in their own words. Get creative!

Be concise

Keep in mind that judges may be reading up to 40 entry papers as part of the judging process. Get as many eyes on your paper before you submit as possible, and listen to feedback. Delete unnecessary jargon. This applies to supporting material as well. Do you have 15 great campaign images? Great! Put them into one clear PDF so that judges don’t have to open all 15. Keep things simple.