Zach's Law - making the internet safer for people with epilepsy

Epilepsy Society

We have been campaigning to criminalise the sending of flashing images to a person with epilepsy with the intent to cause a seizure. 

Our Zach's Law campaign was inspired by then 8-year-old Zach Eagling who has epilepsy. He was sent flashing images via Twitter by trolls who hoped to induce a seizure. This is not confined to just Zach - indeed thousands of internet users with epilepsy have been affected.

There is currently no specific offence on the statute book which criminalises this behaviour. It falls through the cracks. Our campaign has received backing from the Law Commission and an influential parliamentary committee scrutinising online safety legislation. If Zach's Law becomes part of the finalised Online Safety Bill - which as of writing is awaiting Government's rubber stamp - then this would be the first time an epilepsy charity has changed legislation on any policy, anywhere in the world. A true global first!